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Download the software to remove the Virus. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.

Follow the Steps to remove Virus, Spyware & Malware.

The main interface of the software seems to be like this along with the options of Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.

Download the software from here, install and execute it. After which the main interface of the application is shown as below. From where you can start scanning your system.

Step 1

Scan your system to detect malicious threats and infections present on it.

Step 2

You can take the help of ‘Spyware HelpDesk‘ to get technical support on each Malware or spyware you encounter

Step 3

Use ‘System Guard to block the malicious stuffs to run on your PC.

Step 4

Take the help of ‘Network Sentry‘ to prevent malware to modify the Internet connection.

Step 5


Sometime while downloading the software you may get problem, the spyware removal tool fails to install or download from the site. In case if you are also facing the same problem while downloading the tool and getting unexpected error then don’t worry, you are advised to follow the guidelines which are mentioned under the following heading:

First of all restart PC in Safe mode with Networking. However before doing so, it is advisable to jot down on paper because once you start your PC in safe mode, all the opened files and pages get closed.

Windows In safe Mode

If you are unaware with how to restart Windows PC in safe Mode with Networking then you can follow these below mentioned guidelines:

1) Reboot the PC and after doing so press F8 button continuously
2) This will open Boot Menu
3) Just use Arrow key to Highlight Safe Mode Option and then Press Enter
4) A POP UP box appear which ask whether you want to Continue in Safe Mode or not
5) You have to click ‘Yes’ button to continue browsing in safe Mode

If you have still some doubt and wants to know more information on how to Run Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, you can visit Microsoft Official Sites. Click Here to Know More

It is well known fact that Spyware Changes system settings by using some proxy Server which restrict users from visiting certain websites. While attempting to visit your Favorite web page or site, browser will prompt some error messages like page Not Found Error. In order to resolve the problem, you can download the tool required to remove Spyware, you need to perform these few simple steps:

Open Internet Explorer and then click on Tools. Now select the Internet Options and the Following Image will be displayed.

Internet Options

Click on Internet Options

Internet Options

Next Click on Connections Option

Internet Options

Navigate to LAN Setting Button

Internet Options

Here uncheck the Box labeled as Use a Proxy Server for your LAN and then Press OK

The above mentioned steps help you to disable the Proxy Server and once after doing so you can easily open any of the website without facing any difficulties. Now Restart your PC and afterward download the following utilities:

Download and Run FixNCR Tool: It is absolutely free and can be installed without any problem. Once after getting installed on your PC, this software will disable all existing Spywares by adding some registry values. However while installing the tool you will get a registry warning message, just ignore it, simply select ‘Yes’ and let it allow to do rest of the job.

Download Speedy PC Pro Tool: The spywares damages the registry settings and alter the key values considerably. As a result of these changes, PC performance goes down day by day. However this tool brings a great solution for users facing problem due to slow speed. Once you install and run this software, it will restore all default registry settings and helps to enhance the Windows Performance.

Download Automatic Spyware Removal Tool: Download and run this software to clean all malicious files and Spywares which hinder system’s performance. The software will make a deep scan, locate the broken and infected files, wipe out all to make your system free from any further problem. Now your computer should be free from Spywares and you can run automatic updates of the software so as to protect your system from any further attack from Harmful Spywares or Rootkit.

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